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Ceratopetalum gummiferum - NSW Christmas Bush

Blandfordia nobilis - Christmas Bells

Persoonia piniifolia - Pine-leafed geebung

Lobelia gracilris - Trailing lobelia

Banksia integrifolia - Coast Banksia

Welcome from the Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc.

We are a group of people enthusiastic about conservation in our local National Park in suburban Sydney, Australia. Friends of Lane Cove National Park don't have to live locally. Visitors come from all over Sydney, interstate and overseas to enjoy the peaceful surroundings beside the Lane Cove River. Anyone interested in protecting our native bushland or helping the Lane Cove National Park in other ways can become a Friend or Bushcare volunteer.


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Viola hederacea - Native Bluebell, Ivy-leaved Bluebell Ryde Council free home and garden service Join or renew online What's on Wildlife in the park Goodenia heterophylla - Variable-leaved Goodenia Lobelia gracilis - Trailing Lobelia Join the Friends of Lane Cove Park Wildlife sightings Persoonia piniifolia - Pine-leafed geebung