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Bike riding in Lane Cove National Park

There are many management tracks (fire trails) in the upper valley where bicycles are permitted. Sealed roads in the lower part of the park also provide kilometres of riding and join with the cycleways around the Northwestern and lower north shore suburbs.

Please remember that bicycles are not permitted on designated walking tracks in the park.

Cycling code of conduct
(published by the NPWS for the Royal National Park)

Park users can help protect the rich diversity of our national Parks by following this code of conduct.

  1. Keep your bicycle clean or wash your bicycle before entering the park.
    The mud on your bicycle may be harbouring weed seeds, plant or soil diseases or fungal spores that are a serious threat to the park's diversity.
  2. Stay on designated cycling routes.
    Cycling is only permitted on designated cycling tracks and fire trails specifically chosen for bicycle access. These tracks will be obvious as guide post displaying the bike logo are placed at intervals along bike tracks. Remember, if not on a fire trail - no sign, no ride.
  3. Observe cycle route closures.
    Cycling is only permitted on designated cycling tracks and fire trails. Riding in unauthorised areas may cause erosion and damage vegetation or habitat. Cyclists riding in unauthorised areas will receive fines up to $3,300.
  4. Give way to walkers, slow down on blind corners and stay to the left. Ring your bell or call out to signal to walkers that you are coming. The cycle routes are shared access.
    This will improve public safety and reduce the risk of collision for all park users.
  5. Do not make new trails, move bush rock or logs, or prune or cut native vegetation.
    It is illegal and destroys native habitats for species such as the vulnerable red-crowned toadlet. It will result in prosecution and substantial fines.
  6. Safety first
    Always wear a helmet and the appropriate clothing. Carry water and a first aid kit. Ride within your capabilities. Don't speed.
  7. Do not ride on tracks after heavy rainfall or skid your bicycle.
    These actions cause serious track erosion. Wet tracks are more easily eroded.
  8. Observe park closures.
    The park is closed between sunset and sunrise. Tracks may also be closed on total fire ban or park fire ban days. If in doubt ring 9412 1811 or check the NPWS website to confirm.
  9. Protect your future access by ensuring others are aware of this code of conduct.

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