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Lane Cove National Park Herbarium

Lane Cove National Park Herbarium was created by Friend and bushcare volunteer Margaret Hafey. For this she drew on the expertise gained when working every work for many years in the Herbarium in the Botanic Gardens. It consists of almost 720 plant samples of native and exotic plants growing in Lane Cove National Park. It is available in the Parks office, for volunteers and the public - anyone interested in identifying the flora of the park.

How does the Herbarium work

The Herbarium consists of a series of folders containing dried specimens of native and exotic plants found in the catchment and the location where they were found
Exotics are marked with an asterisk beside the scientific name.

Each specimen is mounted on cardboard and placed in a clear sheet protector.

They are grouped in Families and placed in alphabetical order on the shelves. There are separate folders for many of the larger families e.g. Proteaceae and for ferns.

The catalogue contains:
1.a complete native species for the catchment
2.a complete district weed species list
3.references and acknowledgements
4.maps of the area
5.Two alphabetical lists, by common name or scientific name, so that specimens can be located using either

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Sample Epacris pulchella
Sample Epacris pulchella

Please note that unauthorised picking of plants is not permitted in National Parks.

Margaret unfortunately passed away in 2003. The Herbarium is a lasting memorial to her.



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