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About The Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc

The Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc. is a community support group for Lane Cove National Park, Sydney, Australia.

Our aims
In conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Friends aim to:

  • promote awareness of the significance of the Park's unique natural and cultural heritage
  • work for the protection and restoration of the ecosystems of Lane Cove National Park through bush regeneration  
  • organise educational activities in the Park

How did we begin?
The Friends of Lane Cove National Park was formed in late 1993 from a small group of bush regeneration volunteers working in Lane Cove National Park, in particular the 'dynamic duo' Nancy Pallin and Nan Goodsell. It began as a working committee specifically to seek Government support for the community work being done.

Our first success
A week before their first meeting, wildfires swept through the park, destroying over 80% of the vegetation. The newly formed Friends saw the opportunity to take advantage of the tremendous publicity and public support in the wake of the fires, in order to recruit new volunteers. With the help of the NPWS staff (and ABC coverage) over 150 volunteers were signed up at meetings in February and April. Many professional bush regenerators also offered their help as trainers, producing a high quality of work which continues still. The volunteer Bush Regeneration Program was born!

The Committee then approached the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife for funding. By mid-1994 they had organised funds to employ a Coordinator and Technical Officer for three years. At the end of this period the benefits of the Bushcare Program were so obvious that the NPWS now employs a full-time Bushcare Coordinator plus an assistant, to coordinate the work of the volunteer groups and NPWS field staff.

What we do

  • Recruit bush regeneration volunteers for the park
  • Apply for grants for and help manage projects in Lane Cove National Park - mainly bushcare
  • Help with and/or organise training sessions for new volunteers
  • Staff an Educational trailer, bought by the Friends, at public functions and in the Park. The trailer displays information about the park, our group, bushcare, looking after the catchment area etc.
  • Write articles about our activities for local newspapers
  • Collect and propagate seedlings to be planted in heavily degraded areas and along the River for bank stabilisation in the park. The park has its own mini-nursery for this purpose, established on the initiative of a volunteer - the Friends' first president
  • Help the NPWS Bushcare Coordinator with office work and publishing of a combined Friends/Volunteers newsletter "Regenavitis'
  • Take photographic records
  • Maintain this website with information about the park for visitors, Friends and LCNP bushcare volunteers

Members are welcome to join a group of volunteers in one of the many bush regeneration sites around the Park. Supervision and training are provided by NPWS staff.

There is room within the Friends of Lane Cove National Park structure for anyone interested in aspects of the Park other than bush regeneration to become involved and develop community support.

Click here to find out more about our projects.

Click here to see awards gained by our group and individual members.

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