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Winkie’s Bush Garden

A First Prize in North Sydney Council’s Garden Competition for 2003 was the reward for several years of dedicated work by Friend Winkie Chevalier and her nephew Tristram Miller in her backyard garden. She won the category ‘Most Bush Friendly Backyard’. The award was presented at a function at the North Sydney Oval on 23rd September by the Mayor, Genia McCaffery.

The award winning area of Winkie’s garden measures 25m x 12 m and within this area there are 60 species, ranging from old eucalypts and allocasuarinas, acacias, hakeas, grevilleas, kunzeas and ozothamnus, to ferns and vines (10 species).

Ground covers form a ‘lawn’ of microlena, with echinopogon, cyperus gracilis, geranium and hydrocotlye.

Congratulations to long-time Friend and volunteer Winkie for receiving recognition of her much loved and cared-for bushland garden.

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