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Australian Bass Habitat


Thanks to Acting Ranger Kathryn’s initiative & expertise in writing grant applications, the Friends were successful in obtaining funding to improve Australian Bass habitat in the Lane Cove River. Density of weeds, especially balloon vine growing in the canopy of native trees & smothering shrub & ground layers, has reduced diversity of riparian vegetation affecting river health & consequently bass habitat. The Sydney Bass Fishing Club Inc. supported the project. They regularly monitor the bass in the river & have demonstrated that the fishway at the Lane Cove River weir has improved fish passage within the river system. With this funding we will be able to tackle the worst areas of riparian weeds upstream from the weir.


Sydney Bass Fishing Club 21 July
In April 16 members of the Club weeded along Lane Cove River upstream of Fiddens Wharf targeting balloon vine in preparation for planting day on 21/7/12. Undeterred by early morning rain, 11 members of the group arrived at Fiddens Wharf to plant approx. 400 plants which had been grown in the Park’s nursery. These 2 community days fulfilled the requirements for community involvement in the Grant received from Recreational Fishing Trust, Dept of Primary Industries. With funds of $10,000 from the Grant commercial contractors are being employed to target balloon vine along the Lane Cove River.

Photos: Members of the Sydney Bass Fishing Club weeding along the Lane Cove River 21 July in April 2012

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