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Bringing Back the Bush in Lane Cove Valley 2011-12

Project made possible by a Landcare grant funded by Jemena (formerly Alinta)

This grant of $15,000 allowed the Friends to purchase new tools and gloves to support the 200 volunteers that work weekly, fortnightly or monthly at 40 sites across Lane Cove National Park. This included 100 pairs of new gloves and 10 complete new bush regeneration tool kits each with a bush regeneration knife, secateurs, trowel, folding hand saw and a pouch for herbicide applicator bottles. The volunteers have been delighted with the new tools, especially the new secateurs, which have replaced old, blunt and broken tools and allowed them to carry out their work more efficiently.

In addition, it provided for the employment of bush regeneration contractors. Bush regeneration work with the assistance of bush regeneration contractors was undertaken at 3 sites being Shrimptons Creek Bushcare site, Tunks Hill post fire regeneration site and Blaxland Rd post fire regeneration site. At Shrimptons Creek Bushcare site these contractors worked with the volunteers to provide on ground training and to assist with tasks that were too physically demanding for the volunteers. The work of the contractors at Tunks Hill and Blaxland Rd allowed volunteers to concentrate their efforts on other areas of the site that needed attention and for which the tasks were more suitable to their skill sets and abilities.

Local businesses Bendigo Bank and Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd also contributed funds which allowed the Friends to purchase as many tools and gloves again as were supplied with the Jemena funds, supplying in total 200 gloves and 20 bush regeneration kits with tools etc (ie enough gloves for 1 pair each for every volunteer and tool kits for 10% of the volunteers).

TAFE Conservation and Land Management classes helped on many volunteer sites through the park, helping both with on-ground works such as planting and weeding whilst training students in plant identification, and other on-ground land management techniques.

Corporate volunteers and volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Australia also assisted with aspects of the project as suitable tasks were identified, such as physical removal of privet, blackberry and lantana and planting to create buffer zones to sites worked by volunteers.

National Parks staff actively supported volunteers providing training both on site and in workshops, conducting works days allowing volunteers to work side by side with NPWS staff. NPWS staff supported volunteers with tasks such as spraying and chainsaw work as required across all volunteer sites.

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Mars Creek Bushcare Group with their new pouches and tools

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