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Kitty's Creek, Sugarloaf Point Reserve

Andrew Duffy (Ranger) initiated a grant application in early 2006 on behalf of the Friends for to restore a unique area of Lane Cove National Park – a mangrove and saltmarsh vegetation community at Kitty’s Creek (a subsidiary of Lane Cove River) at Sugarloaf Point reserve on Pittwater Rd East Ryde.

The Ocean Watch Australia Tide to Table Program program funded by Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority approved a grant for $40,000.

The funds are to employ contractors to undertake regeneration along the creek and construct a sediment basin to prevent sediment from the road and nearby houses from reaching the creek.

Volunteers then carry out follow up and maintenance along the creek and environs in the project area. The project is managed by the Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc. and staff of Lane Cove National Park.

As part of the grant, the Friends are committed to involving the local community in caring for the areas regenerated. In this regard, we aim to set up a regular volunteer bushcare group.

A unique habitat type that occurs in the upper intertidal zone of esturaries – one of the most productive habitat types in the world. It allows for recycling and interchange of nutrients where salt and fresh water meet near land. It provides food for a huge range of birds, fish, crustaceans and other invertebrates. Threats to saltmarsh include increased nutrient and sediment loads from stormwater and weed invasion.

By removing exotic species we are helping:

  • Native vegetation to come back
  • Improve water quality in Kittys Creek, which flows into the Lane Cove River
  • Enhance habitats for birds, fish, crustaceans in the mangrove/saltmarsh wetland
  • The new sediment basin reduces water runoff and debris from reaching the Lane Cove River

As part of the project a new Kittys Creek Bushcare group now works one Saturday each month. Ring the Bushcare coordinator 9415 3998 or click here to send him an email if you would like to join them.

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Kittys Creek mangroves

Part of the Great North Walk through the saltmarsh at Sugarloaf Point

Volunteers from the local community took part in a planting day as part of the project on July 30, 2006

Construction of the sediment basin

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