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From Ridge to River

Fern Valley Creek above Riverside Drive during heavy rain

Restoring Riparian Habitat in Lane Cove River Catchment
Stage 1 – 1999/2000

Aims of the project:

  • Ameliorate stormwater damage to bush and river from stormwater runoff by constructing a sediment basin
  • Eradicate weeds at the sources of the 2 creeks
  • complement bush regeneration work undertaken by commercial bush regenerators (paid for by the Park ) and volunteer groups working below the Tourist Park.
  • Restore significant vegetation in the valley and enhance habitat for amphibians, reptiles and birds
  • Involve the wider local community in the restoration work.
  • Erect signage and produce brochures explaining the project explaining the project
  • It provided an area of good bushland along the ridgetop below the cemetery and Plassey Road.


  • Epping Boys High School Streamwatch group for sampling and recording the water quality in the 2 creeks,
  • to Truscott Street and East Ryde primary schools for growing seedlings to replant in the project areas
  • and to Ryde TAFE students for maintaining the area below the Tourist Park and for monitoring the native and exotic vegetation.

A community planting day was held in August 2000 at Plassey Road. Enthusiastic volunteers planted tubestock and established frog habitat for our local frog species.

By November 2000 , as a result of commercial bushcare, especially good natural revegetation was taking place along lower Carters Creek.

The information brochure was published in early 2001. It contains information about promoting healthy bushland and waterways, as well as tips on creating wildlife habitat in your garden.

The NHT grant provided $43,000 towards this project.

From Ridge to River
Stage 2 – 2000/2001

Following our success last year we applied for another grant for $23,600 to continue our Ridge to River project. This new stage followed up the work from last year.

The sediment trap and wetland at the top of Carters Creek were completed and planted out with local wetland species.

Planet Ark’s ‘Plant-a-tree’ day was again held at Plassey road, just south of the Tourist Park, with over forty participants digging, planting and weeding for over three hours. The area which had been a waste dump for the previous owners of the tourist park, was transformed.

From Ridge to River
Stage 3 – 2001/2002

Lane Cove River at the junction of lower Carters Creek following intensive bush regeneration

The Friends received a further $28,070 in Envirofund (NHT) funding for stage 3 of our project. This continued the bushcare work along Carters Creek and the Hanging Swamp on Plassey Road.

Primary and follow up weeding and planting in one small degraded area have restored the Plassey Road area from the Tourist Park to Delhi Road and down to the escarpment above Carters Creek. This area is now healthy bushland which will reduce the invasion of seeding weeds moving down the creek to the river.

The area along lower Carters Creek was also intensely weeded, including the removal of giant Phoenix Palms. The site is now able to be maintained by the Thursday volunteer group. As a final exercise under this stage, 2 new interpretative signs were erected beside the river at the Carters Creek picnic area.

From Ridge to River
Stage 4 - 2002/2003

This funding allowed commercial bush regenerators to push further into the privet forest along the Upper Carters Creek track.

From Ridge to River
Stage 5 Nov 2004
The Friends this year won one of only 13 grants awarded in the sydney metropolitan Catchment Area. Due to a restriction in conditions our amount was only $9,727, but this allowed us to employ bush regen contractors to extend and complement all the work that ha sbeen carried out during the previous grant years. So far the success of all the grant work has been phenomenal and more work will enhance and reinforce the native regenerqtion that has occurred.

From Ridge to River - renamed 'Restoring Natural Habitat for Threatened Species in Lane Cove River Catchment'
Stage 6 Oct 2007
Friends were thrilled to learn that our application for Envirofund funding for the long term project "Restoring Natural Habitat for Threatened Species in Lane Cove River Catchment" was successful. The Grant of $27,597 will allow us to continue the restoration (using commercial bushcare contractors) of bushland to provide habitation for threatened species in Lane Cove National Park.

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