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Lane Cove National Park Volunteer Bushcare Program

The Friends website has now been updated and archived.

Click here to find out about Bushcare on our new website.

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How to become a volunteer | What is Bush Regeneration? | Why so many weeds | Ways to help | Support for volunteers | Benefits

Lane Cove National Park now has a thriving Bushcare Program running under the supervision of a National Parks Bushcare Coordinator. There are groups currently working on different days from every week to once a month. These groups are working to overcome the deterioration of the bushland in the Park due to the effects of urban development.

There has been much native plant regeneration since the 1994 bushfires, but weeds are also thriving in many areas, threatening to overcome new native growth and eventually destroy the bushland. Volunteers receive training and advice on regenerating the native bushland, and have the chance to meet other locals with similar intersts, as well as learning about the cultural and historical heritage of the park.

Perhaps there's a group near you that you'd like to join.

Becoming a Bushcare volunteer

Experience is not necessary. You will receive on-the-spot training and have the opportunity to attend periodic workshops. 

 How to join up

To find out more about the Program or to join a group

What is Bush Regeneration?

'Bush regeneration is the practice of restoring weed infested bushland to its native state as far as possible based on minimal disturbance methods and an understanding of the ecological processes involved.'
(Australian Association of Bush Regenerators) 

Why are there so many weeds?

The Park is bounded by approximately 2000 residences which present problems of

  • Urban stormwater runoff polluting soils and waterways and carrying weed seed into the river and creekside vegetation
  • Excess nutrients added to the system from overuse of fertiliser, runoff from gardens, pet excreta
  • Altered fire regimes
  • Dumping of grass clippings, garden refuse and building rubbish in the Park or around its borders
  • Garden escapes - weed seeds carried by birds, water or wind into the bushland
  • Bushwalkers carrying seeds on boots  

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Volunteers can help in many different ways

  • Bush regeneration on one of the more than 30 sites where groups work, usually 3 hours at a time, on a regular basis. This may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, weekdays or weekends
  • Collection of seed and propagation of plants in the Park's nursery
  • Admin duties with the Program's co-ordinator  

Support for volunteers

The Volunteer Bushcare Program is recognised as an integral part of the Lane Cove National Park Plan of Management.

Registered volunteers receive

  • Insurance cover with the Park's Volunteer Policy
  • initial training
  • technical assistance with planning of projects, site assessment and management
  • loan of tools
  • indigenous native plants for replanting projects
  • national parks access passes

Volunteers are required to adhere to the policies of the Lane Cove National Park Plan of Management. 

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Benefits for the volunteer

  • A chance to make a positive difference to our environment
  • New friends with similar interests
  • Exercise
  • Training
  • Work experience
  • Free entry into NSW national parks
  • Newsletter and formal recognition
  • Volunteer Activities

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