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Donors, Partnerships and Corporate volunteers


In 2010 the Friends formed 'partnerships' with two local businesses bordering on Lane Cove National Park. Partnerships such as this are important to the continuation of the bushcare program as future Government funding is not expected to meet the needs of ongoing commitment of providing for the program.

Brother International Australia - six years now

On 10th March 2011 at a gathering in the Park of Friends & staff of Brother International (Aust.) P/L the MD Mr Yoshi Sugimoto presented a cheque for $5000 to the Friends for the bushcare program in Lane Cove National Park.

Through the efforts of the Company's staff in earning "eco points" for environmental endeavours (e.g water saving, non use of plastic bags, using less power) the company gave $1 for each point - total for year $2,500. Then the company generously matched this amount. The Friends are grateful for this partnership with Brother & the staff interest in the Park.

Photo: presentation to Friends of LCNP by MD & staff of Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd of cheque for $5000 for the bushcare program in LCNP.

Into our second year of partnership with Brother International (Aust)

On Friday 27th April 2012 Brother International Australia and the Friends of Lane Cove National Park celebrated a second year of their partnership with a morning of tree planting by the volunteer Brother team, followed by an al fresco lunch and the presentation of another enormous cheque for $5000 for the Friends to use to help achieve our aims.

Last year the $5000 from Brother bought much needed tools and equipment for the Bushcare volunteers. The partnership is part of Brother International's ongoing support of the environment and the local community, and once again we thank them for their commitment to the environment and their contribution to the Friends of Lane Cove National Park.

Photo: Managing Director of Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd Mr Yoshi Sugimoto presents $5000 to Friends of LCNP Treasurer Glynis Butteriss and President Margaret Reidy and Alex Rodriguez, Marketing Manager, Consumables (Business Machines) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and 'event organiser '.

Brother International Australia - a third, fourth and fifth year of support


For a third year Brother International Australia has sent a volunteer group to help with planting an area at Tunks Hill Picnic Area in Lane Cove National Park on 17th May 2013.

They again presented the Friends with a generous cheque of $5000 to help us attain our environmental aims and to quote from Alex Rodriguez (see above), they 'had a fun and productive day out in the park'.

Click here to see some photos from the morning in 2013.

Again in 2014 and 2015 Brother International Australia has donated $5,000 and a morning of volunteer work to the Friends of Lane Cove National Park.

Photo right: Brother Managing Director Mr Hiroyuki Kato presenting 'the cheque' to Friends President David Meggitt in 2015

Brother International Australia - a sixth year of support

Brother International had their annual tree planting day at Tunks Hill on 16 September 2016 and supported the Friends with another donation of  $5000

Thank you again, Brother International.



Brother International Australia 2017

- a seventh year of support


Crimson Hill partnership

The Friends and the Defence Housing Association have come to a unique agreement where DHA have purchased a family membership of Friends for all new residents. We are planning a combined planting day early in 2016 and hoping to establish a Friends bushcare group within Crimson Hill.



The Mars Creek bushcare group has been fortunate in being awarded a 2015 Transurban Community Grant. These grants are available for projects that generate social and environmental benefits for communities in which Transurban roads operate. The group qualified as Mars Creek flows under the M2 at Macquarie Park.

The grant will fund the missing link between the recent upstream catchment remediation on the main Macquarie University campus and the bushcare sites on the university ecology reserve and downstream in LCNP. 75 hours of professional bush regeneration contractor work will be carried out downstream of the M2, along the creek line to the top edge of the present bush regeneration site.

The group looks forward to a close partnership with Transurban in helping to rehabilitate this lovely creekline (pictured).

Lane Cove Bush Regenerators

Many of you will know of Lane Cove Bush Regenerators. They are a non-profit-making Co-operative who have been working in the park for many years. Some of them are members of Friends.

This year they found they had a few dollars in the kitty and decided that the best thing to do with it would be to donate time to the sites they have been working on around the park.

They have decided to donate a total over 320 hours of their expertise to the park this year worth easily in excess of $10,000, making it by far biggest corporate donation this year 2011.

Marriott Hotel
The Marriott Hotel on Ryde Rd celebrated its 6th birthday on 1st September 2010 by providing lunch for the staff of local businesses.

The Friends were invited to represent the Park and took along the Education Trailer. Collection boxes at the entrance invited people to donate a gold coin for bushcare in the Park - $250 was collected. See photo on right.

In another effort for the Park the hotel collected $200 at the Granny Smith Festival at Eastwood.

Friends President Margaret Reidy receives the cheque for $1,000 from Sydney Strider Jim Moody in 2009

Sydney Striders

Stephen Jackson, President of Sydney Striders Road Runners Club, in late 2004 presented the Friends with a cheque for $1,000. This followed 2 previous donations of $500 each in the previous 2 years.

The group has since donated $1,000 in each of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2012, and $500 in 2010.

In November 2009 Sydney Striders ran its last race for the year in Lane Cove National Park. Over 200 runners participated. The entry fees go towards the group's donation to the Friends of yet another $1,000.

The money is put towards specific bush regeneration projects.

Members of the Sydney Striders use the park on a regular basis and the donations are made in appreciation of the environment in which they run – “a highlight of the Striders’ calendar”, to quote Stephen.

Thank you Sydney Striders for your continued support.


Friends President Margaret Reidy with Starbucks manager John Cam planting a Sydney Blue Gum in Lane Cove National Park to mark their donation.
To celebrate the opening of its coffee shop in Macquarie Shopping Centre, Starbucks management sought to find a local environmental group to sponsor. They found The Friends on our web site.

On 20th November, 2003 the manager of the new shop, John Cam, and Margaret Reidy planted a Blue Gum near the river at Area 9, Carters Creek. Starbucks have made a one-off donation of $1,000 to the Friends.

We are grateful to receive this sponsorship for the park’s Volunteer Bushcare Program.

These 2 donations will be used for contract bush regeneration work at the Marrs Creek Bushcare site. The coordinator of the Marrs Creek bushcare group, Margaret Hafey, also a very active committee menber, passed away unexpectedly in November 2003 after an operation, and donations in lieu of flowers at her funeral will also be used for contract work at her site.

Many individual Friends have made donations with their membership fees over the years, including amounts of $500 and $1,000. We thank all these Friends for their help.


Corporate volunteers helping with bushcare

  • Through Conservation Volunteers Australia, employees of corporate group Crown Castle did a day of pre-fire weeding at Mars Creek in 2014. Click here for some photos from the day.
  • Conservation volunteers and employees of State Street had a planting day at Tunks Hill in April 2013. Click here for photos.
  • Konica Minolta returned for a second year in May 2013 to plant natives and remove weeds. Click here for photos.
  • The Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation from Eastwood held yet another planting day at River Ave in June 2013. Click here for photos
  • Landcare and the Foundation for National Parks have continued with their partnership with LCNP, bringing in numerous corporate groupsparticulary to the Tunks Hill area and also to Fairyland. Photo Citrix at Fairyland 2016
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