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Tree planting in River Ave

Tree Planting & Sausage Sizzle May 2011

In February 2010 the Friends of Lane Cove National Park obtained a $50,000 grant to help restore an important area of Fairyland that contains a number of Endangered Ecological Communities.

Work has been progressing well, but to make sure the grant keeps going over the next two years we need to demonstrate that we have community support.

Members of the community gathered on Sunday May 22nd. They planted, watered and mulched, then enjoyed a Sausage Sizzle provided by Lane Cove National Park. They turned a badly degraded area into one that in a few years will look just like the original vegetation.

The planting was organised by The Friends of Lane Cove National Park and the Frog Hollow Community of Chatswood West.

Any one who would be interested in more regular volunteer involvement, please look at our Volunteer Bushcare page.

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