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What's flowering in the park

Banksia spinulosa

Hairpin Banksia

Family: Proteaceae

Banksia spinulosa is erect and rounded, with density and size, from 1-2m, depending on conditions. It is widespread in mountain and coastal open forests and is an indicator of moist conditions.

The spectacular flowers are a source of honey for bees, birds and possums. The cylindrical spikes, 5 - 20 cm long and 4 - 8 cm wide, can vary from pale lemon to red-gold or bronze, with red to black hooked styles.

The leaves of Banksia spinulosa are narrow, stiff and straight, toothed on the upper half. The underside of the leaf is usually pale.

The common name is taken from the hooked styles.

Banksia spinulosa flowers from March to September.

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