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What's flowering in the park

Dillwynia floribunda var. floribundaDillwynia floribunda var. floribunda

An Egg-and-bacon plant

Family: Fabaceae

Dillwynia floribunda var. floribunda is one of the most showy of the pea family, with its yellow and red flowers crowded densely along the ends of the branches for several centimetres.

Floribunda means abundant-flowered.

This variety of Dillwynia floribunda grows 1 - 2m tall. It is found in wet places on heath and woodland on thin sandy soils.

The leaves have raised hair bases which make them rough to touch. They are 5-15mm long, crowded along the branch and through the flowers.

Dillwynia floribunda var. floribunda flowers from August to October.

Dillwynia floribunda var. floribunda

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