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What's flowering in the park

Diuris maculata

Spotted Double Tail, Leopard Orchid 

Family: Orchidaceae

Diuris maculata is, according to Robinson, the earliest Diuris to flower. It grows in grassland, scrub and open forest on clay soils. The other Diuris that grows in Lane Cove National park is D. aurea.

The flowers, about 30mm wide, are yellow with dark-brown spots, especially on the underside surfaces. One of the distinguishing features is that the lower (lateral) sepals cross in front of the flower. The stem is 20-30cm tall, with 2-8 flowers per stem.

The basal leaves of Diuris maculata are 20cm tall, 2-3 per plant.

Diuris maculata flowers from July to November.

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