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What's flowering in the park

Epacris pulchella

NSW Coral Heath 

Family: Epacridaceae

This erect shrub grows to about 1.5 m, common in heathland but also found in woodland understoreys. Epacris pulchella is slender with a few thin wiry branches.

Leaves of Epacris pulchella are 5-12mm long, heart shaped with sharp points, almost horizontal to the branch.

The white tubed flowers have an open face of 5 turned-back lobes and are found among the leaves along the branch. When fully flowering the tops of branches are almost totally covered in white.

A similar species growing in the park is Epacris purpurascens, which flowers in Spring.

Epacris pulchella flowers from February to June.


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Epacris pulchella - NSW Coral Heath