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What's flowering in the park

Goodenia bellidifolia

Daisy-leaved Goodenia

Family: Goodeniaceae

Goodenia bellidifolia is a commonly seen small herb-like plant, with a single erect flower stem 30-40 cm high.

The erect leaves are thick, hairless, glossy and sometimes toothed, 5-10 cm long. They form a basal rosette from which the flower stem rises.

The flowers of Goodenia bellidifolia are yellow, stalkless and occur singly or in small clumps on the upper part of the stalk.

The plant is found in wet sunny heath on sandy soil, and in forests on clay soil. One place to see them in the park is along the Great North Walk on the ridge above the Fairyland section.

Goodenia bellidifolia flowers mainly from November to February.

Goodenia bellidifolia - Daisy-leaved Goodenia

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 Goodenia bellidifolia - Daisy-leaved Goodenia

Goodenia bellidifolia - Daisy-leaved Goodenia leaves