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Pterostylis acuminata

Sharp Greenhood

Family: Orchidaceae

Pterostylis acuminata is a terrestrial orchid growing mainly in colonies in sandy soil on sandstone.

Each plant has 3 - 5 leaves in a tight basal rosette. The flowering stalk is 25-30 cm long, leafless but with 1 or 2 very small bracts.

The single flower of Pterostylis acuminata is about 30mm long with a hood bent forward only slightly. It is green and white, with a reddish-brown tip. The lower or side sepals have long erect points about 25mm long and the labellum (tongue) is conspicuously curved downwards. The dorsal (back) sepal is very long and drawn out.

The name acuminata means drawn out to a long point. This refers to the labellum.

Pterostylis acuminata flowers in April and May.

Pterostylis acuminata -  Sharp Greenhood

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Pterostylis acuminata -  Sharp Greenhood