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What's flowering in Lane Cove National Park

These are some of the Australian native plants and wildflowers you will find flowering somewhere in Lane Cove National Park, often along the roadsides as well as the walking tracks.

Flowering times have been taken from Robinson (below) and the Lane Cove National Park species list. They should only be used as an indication of main flowering times, as these can be affected by weather and other conditions. If you're trying to identify a flower which isn't listed, look in the lists for the adjacent months as well.

If you see any Australian native plants flowering in the Park which are not on the page, please email us on

The photos of these wildflowers have all been taken by Friends of Lane Cove NP Inc.

Information used to describe the wildflowers has been found in:
Baker, M.,Corringham, R., Dark, J., Native Plants of the Sydney Region, Springwood, 1986
Fairley, A. & Moore, P., Native Plants of the Sydney District, Kenthurst, 1995
Robinson, Les, Field Guide to the Native Plants of Sydney, Kenthurst, 1997

Find Australian native wildflowers in Lane Cove National Park by alphabetical index of botanical name

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Acacia decurrens - Sydney Green Wattle, Book-kerriking
Acacia echinula
- Hooked Wattle
Acacia floribunda -
White Sallow Wattle, Marrai-uo
Acacia linifolia
- Flax-leafed wattle
Acacia longifolia
var. longifolia - Sydney Golden Wattle 
Acacia myrtifolia
- Myrtle Wattle
Acacia oxycedrus -
Spike wattle
Acacia parramattensis -
Parramatta Green Wattle
Acacia suaveolens -
Sweet-scented wattle
Acacia terminalis
ssp. angustifolia - Sunshine wattle
Acacia ulicifolia
- Prickly Moses
Actinotus helianthi -
Flannel flower
Actinotus minor -
Lesser Flannel Flower
Allocasuarina distyla -
A She-oak
Angophora costata -
Smooth-barked Apple, Sydney Red Gum, Kajimbourra
Angophora hispida -
Dwarf Apple
Astroloma humifusum -
Cranberry Heath
Astrotricha longifolia -
Long-leaf star-hair
Austromyrtus tenuifolia -
Narrow-leaf Myrtle

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Baeckea imbricata
Baeckea linifolia -
Swamp Baeckea
Banksia ericifolia - Heath Banksia

Banksia integrifolia - Coast Banksia
Banksia marginata
- Silver Banksia

Banksia oblongifolia - (previously B. aspenifolia)

Banksia serrata - Old Man Banksia, Wattung-urree
Banksia spinulosa - Hairpin Banksia
Bauera rubioides - River Rose
Billardiera scandens - Apple Berry, Dumplings
Blandfordia nobilis - Christmas Bells
Boronia ledifolia - Sydney Boronia
Bossiaea heterophylla
Bossiaea obcordata - Spiny Bossiaea
Bossiaea scolopendria

Burchardia umbellata - Milkmaids
Bursaria spinosa - Blackthorn, Kurwan

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Caladenia - Lady Fingers
Caleana major - Large (Flying) Duck Orchid
Callicoma serratifolia - Black Wattle
Calochilus gracillimus - Late Bearded Orchid
Calochilus robertsonii - Purple Beard Orchid

Callistemon citrinus - Crimson Bottlebrush
Calytrix tetragona - Fringe Myrtle
Caustis pentandra - a sedge
Ceratopetalum apetalum - Coachwood
Ceratopetalum gummiferum - NSW Christmas bush
Clematis aristata - Traveller's Joy, Wedding Veil, Old Man's Beard
Comesperma ericinum - Pink Matchheads, Heath Milkwort 
Comesperma volubile - Love Creeper
Commelina cyanea - Creeping Christian, Scurvy Weed
Conospermum longifolium - Smoke Bush
Correa reflexa
Corymbia gummifera - Red Bloodwood, Mannen
Cryptostylis erecta - Hooded orchid, Bonnet orchid
Cryptostylis subulata - Large tongue orchid, Cow orchid

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Dampiera purpurea - Purple Dampiera
Dampiera stricta - Blue Dampiera
Darwinia biflora NEW
Darwinia fascicularis
Dianella caerulea - Blue Flax Lily
Dillwynia floribunda var. floribunda
Dillwynia retorta ssp.A - Heathy Parrot Pea
Dipodium roseum - Rosy Hyacinth Orchid
Dipodium variegatum - Hyacinth Orchid
Diuris maculata - Spotted Doubletails, Leopard Orchid NEW
Dodonaea triquetra - Common Hop Bush
Dracophyllum secundum
Drosera binata - Forked Sundew

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Elaeocarpus reticulatus - Blueberry Ash
Epacris longiflora - Native Fuchsia
Epacris microphylla - Coral Heath
Epacris pulchella - NSW Coral Heath
Epacris purpurascens var. purpurascens Eriochilus autumnalis - Parson's Bands
Eucalyptus haemastoma
- Scribbly Gum
Euromyrtus ramosissima - Rosy Heath-Myrtle

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Geranium homeanum - Northern Cranesbill
Glossodia major - Wax Lip Orchid

Glycine clandestina - Twining Glycine, Love Creeper
Gompholobium latifolium - Golden Glory Pea, Broad Leaf Wedge Pea
Goodenia bellidifolia - Daisy-leaved Goodenia
Goodenia heterophylla - Variable-leaved Goodenia NEW
Grevillea buxifolia - Grey spider flower
Grevillea linearifolia - White spider flower
Grevillea sericea ssp. sericea - Silky or pink spider flower
Grevillea speciosa - Red Spider Flower

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Hakea gibbosa
Hakea sericea
- Bushy Needlebush

Hakea teretifolia - Dagger hakea
Hardenbergia violacea - Happy wanderer, False sarsaparilla
Helichrysum elatum - White Paper Daisy, Tall Everlasting
Hemigenia purpurea - Narrow-leaved Hemigenia
Hibbertia dentata - Toothed guinea flower
Hibbertia linearis - Showy Guinea Flower
Hibbertia scandens - Golden guinea flower
Hovea species
Hybanthus monopetalus - Lady's Slipper
Hypoxis hygrometrica - Golden Star

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Isopogon anethifolius

Kennedia rubicunda - Dusky Coral Pea
Kunzea ambigua - Tick bush
Kunzea capitata - Pink Kunzea NEW

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Lambertia formosa - Honey flower, Mountain devil
Lasiopetalum ferrugineum - Rusty-petals, Rusty Velvet-bush
Leionema (formerly Phebalium) dentatum
Leptospermum squarrosum - Peach-flowered Tea tree
Leptospermum trinervium - Paperbark tea-tree
Leucopogon amplexicaulis
Leucopogon ericoides - Bearded Heath
Leucopogon juniperinus - Prickly Beard-heath
Leucopogon lanceolatus - Lance Beard-heath
Leucopogon microphyllus
- Small-leafed White Beard
Leucopogon setiger - Bearded Heath
Lobelia gracilis - Trailing Lobelia
Logania albiflora
Lomandra longifolia - Spiny-headed Mat-rush
Lomandra obliqua - Fish Bones, Twisted Mat-rush
Lomatia myricoides - River or Long-leafed Lomatia
Lomatia silaifolia - Wild Parsley, Crinkle Bush

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Melaleuca hypericifolia -
Micrantheum ericoides -
Mitrasacme polymorpha
- Mitre Weed

Olax stricta
Olearia microphylla - Bridal Daisy Bush
Ozothamnus diosmifolius - Everlasting, Paper Daisy

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Pandorea pandorana - Wonga Wonga vine
Patersonia glabrata - Native Iris, Leafy Purple Flag
Patersonia sericea - Native Iris, Silky Purple Flag
Persicaria lapathifolium - Pale Knotweed
Persoonia lanceolata - Lance-leaf Geebung
Persoonia levis - Broad-leaf Geebung
Persoonia linearis - Narrow-leaf Geebung
Persoonia pinifolia - Pine-leaf Geebung
Phebalium dentatum
Philotheca salsolifolia
Phyllota phylicoides - Common Phyllota
Pimelea linifolia ssp. linifolia - Rice flower
Pittosporum undulatum - Sweet pittosporum
Platylobium formosum ssp. formosum - Handsome Flat Pea
Platysace lanceolata - Native parsnip
Platysace linearifolia - Narrow-leaf Platysace, Carrot Tops
Pratia purpurascens - White Root
Pseuderanthemum variabile - Pastel Flower
Pterostylis acuminata - Sharp Greenhood
Pterostylis nutans - Nodding Greenhood
Pultenaea daphnoides - Large-leaf Bush Pea
Pultenaea ferruginea
Pultenaea flexilis - Graceful Bush Pea
Pultenaea stipularis - Fine-leaf Bush Pea

Ricinocarpos pinifolius - Wedding Bush

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Scaevola ramosissima - Snake Flower, Fan Flower
Solanum aviculare - Kangaroo apple
Stylidium productum and Stylidium graminifolium - Trigger plant
Styphelia longifolia - Five-corners, Long-leaf Styphelia
Styphelia triflora
Styphelia tubiflora - Red five-corners

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Telopea speciosissima - Waratah
Thelymitra ixioides - Spotted Sun Orchid
Themeda australis - Kangaroo Grass
Thysanotus tuberosus - Common Fringe Lily
Tricoryne simplex - Yellow Rush Lily
Tristania neriifolia - Water Gum
Tristaniopsis laurina - Water Gum

Viola hederacea - Native Bluebell, Ivy-leaved Bluebell

Wahlenbergia - Native Bluebells
Woollsia pungens - Snow wreath

Xanthorrhoea arborea - Broad-leafed Grass tree
Xanthosia pilosa

Zieria smithii - Sandfly Zieria

The flower pages and photos have nearly all been replaced. More will eventually be added to the list.

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