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Restoration and rehabilitation of Endangered Ecological Communities in Lane Cove National Park

For schools - Free Blue Gum High Forest Education Resource Kit

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Click here to download the Introduction to the kit

Click here to email us for a copy of the Blue Gum High Forest Education Resource Kit, to arrange a demonstration or for more information.

1998 Lane Cove National Park Plan of Management (359 Kb)

Lane Cove National Park Bushcare volunteers: Taking stock, 10 years on ~600Kb

By Margaret Reidy, Winkie Chevalier and Tein McDonald
Lane Cove Valley’s wildfires of 1994 triggered not only massive regeneration of natives and weeds but also a massive response from bush regeneration volunteers. After 10 years, is the momentum still positive and what lessons can be learned?

Why do we care: a brief history of 13 years of Bushcare in Lane Cove National Park

Without map of volunteer sites ~ 370Kb
With map of volunteer sites in 2004 ~ 2Mb

Produced for the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Friends of Lane Cove National Park and the official Volunteer Bush Regeneration Program. A look at the origins and development of this association as a heartwarming example of how a small group of determined, dedicated and multitalented people can capture the imagination of the wider community and start to bring about a change in the thinking and methodology of an entire government department.

Lane Cove National Park Heritage Walk guide

This walk was conceived to mark the Centenary of Federation in Australia in 2001. It follows pre-existing tracks and roads, between the Park Office and Fiddens Wharf Reserve, with signs highlighting features of historical and natural significance.

Dalrymple-Hay Nature Reserve
- a twelve month bush regeneration project June 1984 to June 1985
~2.5 Mb

The original Bushcare Project in what is now part of Lane Cove National Park.

In 1980 the Ku-ring-gai Bushland and Environmental Society (Kubes) was formed by residents with the stated aims of working to preserve local bushland and conserve it as wildlife habitat. In 1983 the Society applied for and received funding in the historically and ecologically important Dalrymple-Hay Nature Reserve.

The aim was to restore conditions to a state where a new generation of Blue gum and Blackbutt could germinate and ensure that the forest remained viable into the future. A complete list of the native plant species in the Reserve was recorded.

This report includes information on the areas weeded, the techiques used and the costs involved, as well as history and geography of the area.

Flora for a fauna-friendly Sydney garden

To attract the greatest variety of wildlife to your garden you need to provide a habitat with structural diversity as well as plant diversity. Here's a list of endemic Sydney plants to provide that diversity.

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