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Snippets and tips: Bush in the suburbs

How you can help

... the surrounding bushland ...

  • Don't clear understorey from bushland unnecessarily
  • Resist removing dead wood or logs from bushland areas
  • Control exotic weeds
  • Make your garden bush friendly by planting local trees and shrubs - these will also provide shelter for native animals
  • Place bells on your cat's collar and keep your pets inside at night
  • Ensuring that stormwater runoff is correctly connected
  • Reduce fertiliser usage

... the local catchment...

  • Reduce your use of pesticides, fertilisers and detergents
  • Keep dog droppings and rubbish off streets
  • Wash your car on the lawn, not the street
  • Avoid having large areas of concrete on your property - it increases run-off
  • Dispose of oils and chemicals properly
  • Make sure your stormwater is not connected to the sewer
  • Report any sewer leaks
  • Dob in a dumper

It's a fineable offence to pollute stormwater

Check the Lane Cove River Catchment map to see if you live in our catchment area (Close the window to return to this page)

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