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Snippets and tips: Home-made remedies

Insect repellant

  • Helps keep away the flies and mozzies (but what repellant is 100% effective?)
  • Reduces the sting from bullants and stinging nettles (personally tested by the editor)
  • Easy to make and use.
  • Smells refreshing!

Mix together 8 parts Sorbylene based moisturiser, 1 part Dettol (or similar ) and 1 part methylated spirits.

Rub on exposed or affected sections.

That's it!

Want to keep those pesky possums off a particular tree?

  • Cut the ends off 2 plastic bottles, one smaller than the other eg a 1 litre and 2 litre milk bottle or soft drink bottles
  • Put some naphthalene flakes into the smaller one.
  • Cover this with the larger one (stops the flakes getting wet).
  • Pierce holes through opposite sides of the contraption and thread twine through the 4 holes in a straight line, leaving a twine loop at the top.
  • Hang the contraption in your bush/tree. The possums hate the smell of naphthalene!

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