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Forms for volunteers

Download a form, print it using your browser button then close the browser window to return to this page.

1. Volunteer agreement March 2012 - March 2015 - Click here to download
2. Prohibited employment declaration - Click here to download
3. Volunteer Exemption Passes due in September

Passes will require a photocopy of your vehicle registration attached to the application form.

Getting your pass

Step 1
Click here to download a copy of the Volunteer Exemption Application (new in 2017) and conditions.

Step 2
The application form then needs to be sent/taken to:

The Administration Officer
Lane Cove National Park
Lady Game Drive
West Chatswood 2067

Step 3
The application will be then signed by the Bush Regeneration Coordinator and processed.

If you have any problems with collectors or VSOs not accepting your pass contact the Lane Cove Area Office. If you require further information relating to this please contact Lane Cove River Area office on 8448 0400.

If you are getting a pass for a car that is not regeistered in your name we also now need a short email or letter from you confirming that you are allowed to use the car for which you are getting the pass eg if it's a company car or a partner's car.

If you haven't made the required hours please talk to Matt as there is now the option of having a pass just for Lane Cove National Park, as we really do value the work you do as a Bushcare volunteer, no matter how great or small. It's through the efforts of so many that we achieve so much.


1. Who is eligible for a NPWS staff exemption?

All NPWS volunteers who have completed over 50 hours work in a voluntary capacity for National Parks on a continual basis over one year, are eligible for one (1) complimentary 1-year “All Parks” Annual Pass for their nominated vehicle.

2. What does the Annual Pass entitle me to?

The NPWS “All Parks” Annual Pass entitles the volunteer’s nominated vehicle to free access to all fee-charging NSW national parks and reserves.

Please note that the Annual Pass is linked to the nominated vehicle’s registration number and is not transferable between vehicles. (See reverse of Annual Pass for all terms and conditions)

It must be returned to the NPWS if the volunteer leaves the NPWS.

The Annual Pass does not provide free or discounted access to other NPWS activities such as Discovery programs, camping, tours or museum entry.

3. How do I get my “All Parks” Annual Pass?

Application forms are available from your NPWS volunteer co-ordinator or local area office.

Once the application form and documentation have been approved by your volunteer co-ordinator, your complimentary “All Parks” Pass can be issued.

4. How do I get more Annual Passes?

All eligible NPWS volunteers are granted one (1) complimentary “All Parks” Annual Pass. Additional Annual Passes can be purchased through your local Annual Pass sales outlet, the National Parks Centre or the NPWS Internet site.

The second household discount provision on the All Parks annual pass does not apply to volunteers purchasing a second pass, although it is eligible after the purchase of a full price All Parks annual pass.

5. How do I replace my Annual Pass?

Simply return your original Annual Pass, along with the new vehicle registration details and proof of disposal of the original vehicle to any NPWS office where annual passes are sold.

6. More information

For more information contact the Region Administration Assistant: phone (02) 9472 8940.

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